Adolescent Girls Empowering Project
Supported by Women and Child Development & S.W Department
Government of West Bengal


Mahadebnagar Rural Welfare Society is implementing SAG – Kanyashree Convenience Programme in the Farakka I.C.D.S. Project area Murshidabad District of West Bengal with the support of the Department of I.C.D.S. Government of West Bengal covering the SABLA groups (Group of Adolescent Girls) in 360 Anganwadi AWC Center.

The objective of the programme is to empower the adolescent girls to raise their voices and to demand their rights from the duty bearers, help adolescent girls to share their needs and issues, and work collectively to address the same to various government line departments so that they can access the services. Activities implemented under the Project are as follows:


We are very thanks full to our local authority for their holy hearted support to complete the project successfully.

We are also able to admit 40 no adolescent girls in the deferent school of farakka block, for which we are grateful to the respective headmaster and school authority/and our SAG KP Volunteers did excellent work to make the project success.

Lastly, we are fortunate to have our BDO, Rajshree Chakraborty .and CDPO. Santanu Roy .for their time to time guidance and support towards achievement in all respected.

During our this SAG- Kanyashree Convergence project we had to cross so many events, but one or two incident we must mention here out these girls sum they have lost father and lost mother and being the eldest child, they had to lives their studies, started tobacco manufacturing work to mention their family.

But when we talk to them, they expressed their willingness to study and also to become socially responsible citizens.

We don’t want to mention their name but with the help of BDO sir CDPO sir and School Committee, we altimetry admitted in the school.

Under this project, we could support for admission 40 no girl’s child including one tribal girl’s child.

We want to thanks to our beloved Chief Minister for her initiative in such a humanitarian project.

For such type of development, we salute our Chief Minister Madam.

At a glance

Number of Project Coordinator : One

Number of Filed Facilitator ; Three

Total ICDS : 353

G.P. Nine

Total No of school going AGs in this block:- 15-18 years- 8400, 11-14 years- 12868

Mapping and Identification of Adolescent Girls

Identification of drop out girls and their nearest school for re admission.

Advocacy of their family head and mobilized for readmission

  • Orientation of AWWs
  • Training of Adolescent Group leaders (Sakhi Saheli)
  • Life Skill training cum Exposure visit of adolescent girls.
  • Learning Games for the Girls session on Health, Nutrition, Education, and Child Marriage Issue.


Geographical area

Under the Farakka block, 9 Gram panchayats are covered SAG K.P. Three Filed facilitator and one Project coordinator.

Overall SAG K.P. Project controlling officer CDPO Farakka Mr. Santanu Roy [WBCS]

Very helpful Support B.D.O. Farakka Mr. Rajshree Chakraborty ]WBCS]

Very helpful support Farakka S.I.

Early Girls Child Marriage

“Early Marriage” is also discussed through this session on to stop early married by representing the subject of:

  1. Reason of Early Marriage and its effect
  2. Possible Steps to stop early marriage.
  3. The Right time does not appear
  4. Immature
  5. Underdeveloped
  6. Proper nourishment required
  7. Early Pregnancy
  8. Suffering from severe anemia
  9. Suffering from Mal-nutrition
  10. Delivery of Immature and mal-nutrient baby
  11. Education stopped
  12. Lack available of Nutritional food at the family
  13. Increase Mother Mortality and Infant Mortality
  14. Under development due to lack of care and education
  15. Lack of decision making power in the family
  16. Victims of domestic violence
Activity Details Followed

1 AWC Visit and AG Data collection up to 11 to 14

2 Identify out of School adolescent girls

3 Readmission out of School girls

4Organized Sakhi and Saheli training

5 Land-Based vocational training

6 Celebrate Kishore diwas

5 Celebration International Women’s Day

6 Advocacy to School teacher for readmission

7 Block key functionaries BDO/BMOH/SI/ SEO linkage for SAG KP Project.

8 AWW Training

9 Participant and Stall organized in Sabla Mela Farakka Sabla Mela

9 Organized girl’s event Etc

  1. All our trainee specific awareness and knowledge buildup Kanyashree Prakalpa
  2. Stop child marriage activity.

All our activities support, monitoring & advice Farakka CDPO Sir,

Sakhi and Sahelis Training

Training time: Each training is of 2-day and non-residential in nature

Subject Covered:

1[Leadership Skill

2] Nutrition and Health Education

3] Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health [ARSH]

4] Life Skill Education

5]Learning game for Girls modules [ LGG] . And Exposure visit

Training Methodology

The training was designed with the following methodologies.

  • Classroom lecture by trainer/resource persons
  • Open house discussion for encouraging trainees in the participatory process of training
  • Question-Answer session
  • Group presentation
  • Group Discussion
  • Special address session by guests attending the training from time to time
  • Exposure visit end of the training


After taking this training all the participant expressed their satisfaction and very much helpful for their future life in families and also in society.

Participants took the trading in the subject like 1[Leadership Skill, 2] Nutrition and Health Education,3] Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health [ARSH], 4] Life Skill Education 5]Learning game for Girls modules [ LGG] . And Exposure visit,

Very much happy for the utility of this training .and they also discussed with their friend about the necessity of this highly use full training.


In this remote locality normally girls go to school and come back to home but after gating this type of training first time, guardian and the other senior felt the importance of such type of training for their life,

Now the girls same to know if any problem how to solve with, to whom to contact, where to telephone, etc.

Hence the training lightened their future and the society,

Their guardian is very satisfied