Prevention Child Marriage Campaign

Prevention Child Marriage Campaign
                 At Farakka Block Jangipur Sub Division Murshidabad District West Bengal India.

Mahadebnagar Rural Welfare Society is always trying to prevent child marriage. We have already stopped more than hundred plus child marriages last two years in this Nobel work was assisted by the Farakka Block Administration especially BDO Sir, Farakka Police Station, ICDS Farakka, CDPO Farakka, and volunteers of our organization.

As we work, especially in rural areas, the root cause of child marriage has emerged Some people in the village still do not know the rights of a girl or a woman.

We have brought to their notice through various meetings or gargantuan meetings that women are working in different offices starting from running the country today so you should educate them without getting married at a young age and help them to stand on their own feet. The girls of your family also stood on their own two feet one day.

We have seen many times that the girl who wanted to study could not tell the house guard that I wanted to study.

We have tried to explain through our work what can happen to your daughter if you get married before the age of 18, especially at that time your daughter will be able to become a mother naturally after getting married, there will be a risk of having a baby at the last moment. Rate and maternal mortality is one of the major reasons behind this death rate. [MMR & IMR] Child marriage is one of the major reasons behind this. We have explained to the villagers with many examples. There is a lot of work to be done. We hope our administration can build a child marriage free society The country will.

Lack of awareness, lack of poor economic , lack of family planning, above all, lack of education are the main causes of child marriage.


We have formed Sakhi Soheli Group among the adolescents girls in collaboration with Mahadevnagar Rural Welfare Society and ICDS Farakka. This group will cooperate in every village especially under ICDS Didi. He will discuss various government projects and the health of the teenage girl and especially some girls in the village will be able to easily report her health problems without any shame and will come up with her girlfriend next to her house in her village how is her health or her marriage somewhere. Whether or not her parents will be able to stop child marriage through this group and with the help of local panchayats or block administrations, they will also know how to get government projects for teenage girls and where to apply etc..

KANYASHREE CLUBS FORMATION, at Farakka Block Murshidabad District of West Bengal

Mahadebnagar Rural Welfare Society Selected partner in Scheme for Adolescents Girls Convergence Project [SAG-Knyashree] Project partner as per Government guidelines support the school for formation of Kanyashree club. Government of West Bengal Department of Women and Child Welfare and Social Welfare Memo No 542-SW/WCD-16012/1/2019 Dated 04-02-2021, So we MRWS properly supported and handholding support for formation of Kanyashree Club in Farakka block under Murshidabad district West Bengal India .

During the formation of Kanyashree club deferent high school and deferent places of farakka block very help and support CDPO Farakka Shri Santanu Roy,BDO Farakka  and respected school so we successfully complete of the club.

Mostly very thanks to Kanyashree club member for positively participate in the day and very important issues discussed in the formation many adolescent girls participate in question answer session.

On the other hand, in collaboration with the Government of West Bengal, especially the Department of Women and Child Welfare, we have already been able to set up Kanyashree Clubs in High schools. If so, they will inform and co-operate with the administration so that it is very easy for us to keep and understand the news of school and village girls through this club.

On the other hand, exposure visits have been made for the teenage girls so that they can easily report any problem to the police station at home or in the society without informing anyone, or we can easily report the solution of any developmental problem to the BDO office. As a result, they are very scared to come to the BDO office at the police station.


Mahadebnagar Rural Welfare Society Collaboration with ICDS  Farakka  with all the Anganwari Centres of nine Gram Panchayats in Farakka Block to celebrate  Nutrition Week.

Through the celebration of Nutrition Week, we try to explain the importance of nutrition, especially the scientific method of how to maintain nutrition in the vegetables we prepare to eat every day.

ASHA Didi, a health worker from the village, and ICDS staff and our staff were present at the celebration of Nutrition Week.

On the other hand, the health worker [ANM] present discusses how IFA tablets can cure anemia because teenage girls between the ages of 11 and 18 need a lot of blood as they grow up and on the other hand they bleed through ministry so IFA tablets are very much needed for blood. As a result, it is very useful to teach teenage girls that they should not only take tablets but also eat according to the rules.

This Nutrition Week celebration is more and more a demonstration of what foods contain vitamins. Our staff brings a variety of vegetables there and demonstrates how to cut them. These vegetables contain vitamins and some Vitamin D prevents some of these diseases and teenagers have benefited a lot. Soon they tell us as feedback that if they do this kind of celebration in the future, we will come again and we hope that they will go home with what they wrote through our celebrations. Will observe.


Adolescent girls or village women use clothes during menstruation which is often detrimental to their health. We are trying to use sanitary napkins instead of clothes and where our female volunteer sanitary pads are officially available at affordable prices and how many hours to change them. Let me know exactly.

Mahadebnagar Rural Welfare Society has already provided free sanitary napkins to 16,000 thousand teenage girls and informed them about the procedure. We hope that they will adopt this method in the coming days and buy and use these sanitary napkins from Grandmother at affordable government prices at village ASHA Worker.


Mahadebnagar Rural Welfare Society celebrates Adolescent Day mainly in collaboration with ICDS Farakka and Block Hospital Farakka in rural areas.

The main purpose of celebrating Adolescent Day is to check the health of the adolescents, to measure their weight and what kind of health problems they may have, where to go and where to go for treatment.

Adolescent Day is basically what we do. Every three months, all the teenage girls in the village are accompanied by doctors, administration officials, and health workers, Asha workers, ICDS workers, etc.

Dr. Sajal Kumar Pandit sir, BMOH of Farakka BPHC has always cooperated with us. He has tried to keep the health of adolescent girls healthy and healthy. We have tried this. Dr. Sajal Kumar Pandit BMOF Farakka BPHC, has tried. Or a village far from the hospital or a village a little away from the health centre on the other hand in a tribal area or a village on the banks of the Ganges we have been celebrating this Adolescent Day. I know that if we can’t make or keep a healthy teenage girl, then how can we get a healthy mother in the future and give a healthy baby to a healthy child. We are working with this hope.

Through this Adolescent Day, teenage girls can learn about their physique and report any problems to the camp. The biggest thing is that they are learning to say who they are about their health.

Learning to know.

And as they gradually become more aware of their rights, child marriage will decrease as their ability to say this increases.

Adolescent girls in this health camp have learned that there is a female counsellor in the block hospital about their health and there is a centre where this woman sits. The name of the centre is Anewasha Clinic. He will be able to talk about his physical problems and get treatment and counselling.


We celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 every year. Women’s rights, education, health and child marriage are discussed here.

Farakka Police Station has always come forward with us to stop child marriage or to spread awareness.

Mahadebnagar Rural Welfare Society is a voluntary organization and has always been working for the welfare of the people since 2012.

We are not able to do this as much as possible without your cooperation. You, especially the people of the marginal villages, have joined hands with us in this campaign and we hope that there will be no more child marriages in the coming days. Let us all stand together against this practice. Thank you.