Girls Education Project

Girls Education Project
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     At Farakka Block Jangipur Sub Division Murshidabad District West Bengal India.

Mahadevnagar Rural Welfare Society has been working in the field of Girls Education able to re-admit more than 100 school dropouts in the last two years in their own classes or in the age-appropriate classes as per the government rules.

There have been many obstacles in doing this work but we are always in touch with the block administration. We have been doing this work till now and we have seen a lot of misery while doing this work.

One of the reasons girls drop out of school is because of the financial crisis. How will they overcome this financial crisis and how will they live their lives? We believe that a healthy teenager can give birth to a healthy mother of tomorrow, a healthy child, a healthy child, and a healthy country. They need to be educated because we believe that the stronger the women in the country, the stronger the country.

If we look at the reasons why girls drop out of school, they stop reading when the father of a girl or a student dies.

We have found a different reason if the head of a family is a migrant worker and if the family goes to work for one year or two years, he does not even know when he lost the school in the middle.

The mother of a student has died and the father is remarrying. The children of the family have already dropped out of school due to extreme hardships but we are continuing our efforts. The block administration has informed them about the government services and re-admitted them to the school with the help of Teachers.

We kept in touch to keep her in touch and we kept her in touch so that she could learn some handicrafts in her spare time with her education.

At the same time, we are educating all adolescent girls about their health as they need to know how to meet the need for heavy blood at this age and how to get the iron tablets that the government provides free of charge for people or especially for adolescents girls.

We have been trying to ensure that not a single girl is deprived of the light of education and there is another effort that is being made so that a girl does not have child marriage and we have also achieved success. Please cooperate with us.

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