Relief and Mobilization work at Farakka & Samserganj Block Jangipur Sub Division
Murshidabad District of West Bengal India.
Keep safe you and your family.

Please maintain distance and use the mask

Join in the [ Fight against COVID-19 ]

An urgent appeal to the CSR. Funding Agency and philanthropic/Donor.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Humanitarian support may kindly be extended to save the lives of economically weak families in remote areas to provide face mask, hand sanitizer, soap, detol, gloves, tissue paper, child food, etc., during the present crisis of deadliest coronavirus epidemic.

Now it is our humble request for your kind support to provide urgent relief items for poor families to save the life of mother-child elderly people.

During Coronavirus [COVID-19] Emergency, MRWS is providing services, various types of activities like community Awareness, Relief.  Mobilization, Mask distribution & Advocacy work.

Out of our very limited resources, we are trying to give lifesaving medicine to elderly people by local porches we are also approaching personally to the local people for their support in kind or coins so as to provide food to hungry people, but not in a huge manner.

We are also advocating about the child-mother immunization while keeping regular contact with the local admin. BDO Sir. BMOH.CDPO. Police Station.

We especially appeal to donor agency for relief and mobilization project.

During the COVID-19 Second Wave MRWS and NTPC Farakka [CSR] collaboration work regarding awareness, advocacy,announcement, IEC Activities like Poster, Banner Pasting, etc, very effective in the work in community level.

During the COVID-19 activities very helpful support from NTPC Farakka unit under Corporate Social Responsibilities  [CSR] time to time training meeting organized for more and more knowledge regarding in the pandemic total no of 10 mobilizer work in the farakka block murshidabad district in West Bengal India.

We thanks to NTPC Farakka unit Corporate Social Responsibilities [CSR] for their support and help.